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Hey! My name is Amanda Meyer and I created this website, I am a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist.

I live in Houston, TX with my husband Don, and our baby daughter Colette.  I started TherapyRDx after practicing Nutrition for nearly 10 years—a platform to share everything I know about plant-based eating nutrition, sharpening your cooking skills, plant-based recipes. and even preventative care.

In the Meyer household, we eat the majority of our meals plant-based.

We aim to eat animal-based foods fewer than 8-10 times per month. Essentially, about 90-95% of our meals each month are plant-based. Read more about the advantages of eating at least 90-95% plant-based here.  And personally, I spend a lot of time reading non-plant based recipes and modifying them to be more plant-based.

After years working in the corporate wellness and restaurant industry, as well as in clinical consulting, I made a TON of observations and learned several things:

    • Without a doubt, eating 100% Plant-Based plays a key role in living longer, but we can still get an IMMENSE amount of health benefits if we just eating the MAJORITY of our meals Plant-Based.
    • Your quality of life (mood, exercise, intimacy, stress, inflammation, and more) benefits when you eat more plants, (and who doesn’t love this!?)
    • Plant-based cooking has incredibly endless flavors and it’s full of surprises!
    • People are excited to follow a Nutrition Plan, but they lack basic culinary skills to prepare delicious meals.
    • There’s an overabundance of people giving online nutritional advice, but they do not have the appropriate credentials, experience, or expertise to do so.
    • There is a SERIOUS LACK of nutrition plans specially designed for health conditions: High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Heart Disease, Depression, Menopause, Stomach Problems, (you fill in the blank___________), etc, and people don’t get those plans from their doctors.
    • There are too many super enthusiastic people groups pushing restrictive diets (ie: Keto, Fasting, Paleo, Gluten-Free), claiming they are a “one size fits all” solution to your nutrition problems.
    • NUMEROUS Nutrition “experts” do not take the time to break down nutrition education into easy-to-understand or easy-to-follow steps.


There are NOT ENOUGH Dietitians making their presence online (and we are trained to be Nutrition Experts!) 🤦🏼‍♀️

I want TherapyRDx to be full of science-backed, (but not boring) plant-based eating resources you can trust.

TherapyRDx is a platform so you can:
    • Enjoy learning applicable nutrition in an easy-to-understand way (like, stuff you can actually share with your friend!)
    • Incorporate [specific] health condition plant-based eating programs. Programs that will help you prevent and reverse chronic diseases, and lose weight (such as a Lower Your Blood Pressure plan, or Cancer Prevention plan)
    • Incorporate the best tips on how to add more plant-based foods into your day!
    • Taste REALLY incredible plant-based recipes
    • Sharpen your culinary techniques and skills
    • Improve your communication and desired health outcomes with your Doctor, Dietitian, or other specialists (for example, our Cancer Nutrition Checklist can help you start asking the right nutrition questions when it comes to Cancer)

Needless to say, I’m so glad you’ve joined me!

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After you check out the posts and you’re ready to kickstart your health, get your free 5 Day Plant-Based Cleanse! And share with me how the Cleanse goes!

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